3D Product Modeling & Rendering

3D Product Modeling
Get high-quality 3D modeling and rendering with texturing and surface finish details for achieving excellent product design communication.

We do value addition to 3D product rendering by adding rendered properties and physical characteristics of shadows, curves, lightings and much more. For 3D product modeling, our 3D artists pay attention to texturing details to beautify architectural ornamental products including ladder, louvers, grills etc., windows, doors, bath fittings, racks and shelves, tables-chairs and other furniture, etc.

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Furniture Furniture Furniture

3D Furniture Modeling

For furniture modeling, our 3D modelers and artists take drafts as inputs and develop 3D models with full-scale rendering, texturing on wooden and metal furniture products. We leverage Photoshop and Lightroom for enhancing shadows and lighting of furniture models, for all our 3D furniture rendering projects.

We also develop 3D models of indoor and outdoor furniture models including, bedroom furniture, bath fittings, living room, chairs, recliners, custom upholstery and much more. Our cost effective and photorealistic furniture 3D rendering solutions using 3ds Max and V-Ray aid furniture designers and manufacturers to increase their design communication and hence sales.

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Outdoor Outdoor Outdoor


Our architectural 3D modeling and rendering services for outdoor services serves as an extended arm for multiple outdoor products such as patio furniture, garden area furniture, etc. We also develop 3D models and renderings for outdoor utility products such as fire heaters, grills, smokers, patio tables and chairs, hammocks etc.

We help manufacturers develop families for outdoor products and create scenes with changing day light and weather condition scenes and the one that suits clients’ requirement.

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Lighting Lighting Lighting


We develop 3D models for chandeliers, furniture models, flush mounts, table lamps desk lamps, wall and vanity lightings and much more to help client develop detailed architectural models. Our 3D artists make CAD generated models to come to life by assigning them their real-time physical properties for lighting, shadows, dark-side, etc.

We apply 3D visual effects to CAD models and enhance the product look and feel as per the intended use. Our artists use Lightroom and Photoshop to transform your CAD models to photorealistic product suitable to use further for marketing brochures and sales catalogues.

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Our team of 3D artists fuse together and problem solve requests to give our clients tailored solutions.

Product Rendering Capabilities

We have developed extensive experience of 3D modeling and rendering of various architectural products, by leveraging our CAD drafters’ capabilities of working with SolidWorks, AutoCAD or Revit for modeling and/or 3ds Max and Photoshop for specialized 3D renderings.

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